And this is why New Year’s resolutions don’t ever work…

So in just 14 short days we will be poppin’ the champagne, donning sparkly party hats, watching the crystal ball drop (if we can stay awake that late)… and grabbing a pen and paper.  Yes, we will be saying adios to 2018 and bonjour to 2019 before we know it.

New Year’s Day is THE most common day to start fresh.  To once again vow to ourselves that THIS is the year we will finally lose that weight and get healthier.  There is something so hopeful about a new year, right? It is an unopened book filled with 365 crisp, empty, white pages, full of promise, hope and potential.  Like fresh school supplies at the beginning of the year or that first cool day when you finally drive with the windows down.

Why is it we start out so gung-ho on January 1st, only to find our resolutions going into the trash along with the empty boxes of Valentine’s Day chocolates?  We want to fit into our skinny jeans and so we start out vowing to go to the gym and religiously eat salads topped with grilled chicken.  We stay on this path for weeks and then the second life gets in our way, we fall off the wagon. And the mental part is the harshest part.  We think we should know better, do better and BE better…

What if there was a better way to break down our ambiguous and elusive goal of losing weight into tiny bite-sized pieces and have accountability along the way?  Someone to rejoice with you on your wins – big or small – and someone to guide you through your frustrating challenges? Because, guess what? Life is messy! Super messy! And while we may not hit a road bump until February 14th (hello, chocolate covered marshmallows, Peeps and conversation hearts!) we will, sooner than later. And what’s more?  We will be totally shocked that something got in our way.

Does this sound like you?

Think about this…. in a society that prides itself on “the busier, the better,” we are more stressed, disconnected and exhausted than ever.  Guess how that affects our food choices? Our uber busy lives make turning down unhealthy temptations very difficult, especially when we are running ourselves into the ground trying to get everything done.  In other words, it’s not YOU (well it kinda is, you just haven’t mastered the right strategies yet – that’s what I am here for!)  

Our collective downfall is that we don’t plan.  We don’t devise strategies for the roller coaster that life just IS.  The happy celebrations filled with yummy food and drinks. The tough moments – a bad day, an illness or worse – filled with comfort foods and alcohol.  Everything in between – and there is A LOT that falls in between, am I right?

Take a typical week…We run our kids around from school to activity to activity and if we don’t plan correctly, we open ourselves up to binging on the first fast food drive thru we can find.  Especially when there are commercials 24/7 touting an irresistible deal: a cheeseburger, fries, a Coke and an apple pie, along with a tummy ache, mental torture about our lack of willpower and eventual weight gain – all for just $3!  And it’s a helluva lot cheaper than a meal at Whole Foods, no doubt.  What about Happy Hour with your co-workers after a long day at the office?  Or filling up your weekend to the brim and not making time to grocery shop or meal prep?  Falling victim to a late-night Netflix marathon which leads you to snooze right through your morning workout?

But now fast forward to December 31st, 2019.  There you are, ushering in 2020 and making a promise that THIS is the year that you will finally lose that weight.  And so it goes for so many of us, year after year.

Why not finally put an end to your annual frustration?  Having a Health Coach by your side can be the difference between reaching your goals step by step and changing your behaviors for a healthier lifestyle that lasts versus being right where you are today – just a year from now.  

I can help you to establish your why, set up strategies for a successful week, plan healthy meals, schedule workouts that make you feel amazing and strong, uncover your personal hunger cues, and develop tons of other tools to help you realistically navigate through your life.  We will work together to overcome the roadblocks and self-sabotaging behaviors that may have prevented you from reaching your goals n 2018. I would be honored to be your biggest cheerleader!

Here is to our happiest and healthiest New Year yet!



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