Hello, My Name is Nikki…35 Random Things About Me

I think we all tend to take ourselves too seriously (like waaaay too seriously.)  We only get ONE life peeps – and it whizzing by at warped speed. So instead of sitting in the passenger seat of your own life, waiting for “one day” (you know what I mean… “One day my life will get exciting…One day I will lose the weight…One day I will have a better relationship…One day I will have a better job…”) get in the driver’s seat and JUST DO it already, whatever IT is for you.  What are you waiting for?

In the meantime, in light of the routine and mundane of our crazy lives, I thought you could all use a little giggle today.  ‘Cuz couldn’t we all? And so I present to you…. 35 random things about me.

  1. I have two different colored eyes.  One is dark brown and one is a greenish/hazel… My oldest daughter, when she was 6 years old, asked innocently, “Did G-d mess up or something?”  I don’t think so. What totally embarrassed me when I was little, is now my fave feature.
  2. I always say “I love you” when I get off the phone with my loved ones.  I will never regret that being the last thing I said to my Mom in what would be our last conversation.
  3. Italian is my most fave type of food – I think I was Italian in my former life.  I could eat it 24/7/365. The more sauce the better! No seriously, I would drink it with a straw if I could.
  4. I was called a pansy by my junior high school teacher because I walked the mile in gym class.  Also, because I wouldn’t climb the rope, hated bouncing that dumb red ball while walking in a circle formation (did anybody else have to do that nonsense??) and “Red Rover” made me just about break out into a panic attack.
  5. I hated high school but LOVED college
  6. I wanted to be a genetic engineer when I was little – I was obsessed with genes and the Punnett square.
  7. I didn’t start exercising until I was 35 years old.  And it’s been a regular habit for the last eight years.
  8. I am a toilet paper crumpler – not a folder.  What are you?
  9. I am totally OCD about making sure all the doors are locked at night.
  10. I love to wake up early – I love getting lots accomplished and that silence is golden.
  11. I walked around high school with a brown paper “snack bag” that my mom would make for me each morning.  It had Oh’s cereal, orange flavored Hi-C, a Macintosh apple and I can’t remember what else. Nice, right??
  12. My biggest fear in life was a home invader until recently.  Now it’s death.
  13. I have two really bad bunions (thanks mom) and my big toes are starting to look like crazy old lady feet (wah!)
  14. My fave treat is a caramel apple (we call ‘em taffy apples back home in Chicago). Or maybe it’s apple pie.  Or really good banana bread… or chocolate covered caramels. Can you tell I have a sweet tooth??
  15. Soup is my favorite thing to make – I feel like Mother Earth when I do.
  16. I still love to give my dad “ooooh hugs.” Yep, it’s a thing.
  17. I am a professional sleeper.  Getting into bed and pulling the covers up – nothing better.
  18. Every time I see a butterfly, I am convinced it’s my mom.
  19. I am an extroverted introvert – I love talking to people but NEED my own private time alone.  
  20. I don’t understand how I am 43 years old.  How is that possible?? I seriously feel like I should still be 25.  You too??
  21. I am petrified of E.T.  Yes – the alien. Don’t even.
  22. I love laughing more than anything else.  The kind of belly laughing where you can’t breathe.
  23. My fave flower is a toss-up – it’s either sunflowers or white hydrangeas…. I can’t decide. Which leads me to…
  24. I am a Libra…decisions are sometimes PAINFUL for me.  Even deciding which is my favorite flower. It can be exhausting!
  25. I am a hoarder.  There, I said it.  I am working very hard on this.
  26. The only liquids I drink are water, coffee and Sauvignon Blanc.  The end
  27. I am “Team Pool” – I hate sand.  That shit gets EVERYWHERE.
  28. OH! I LOVE cursing. This started when I turned 40.  It’s just so liberating….My mom cursed a lot and my sister talks like a truck driver, so even though it appalls my dad – I love it!
  29. I kill all plants.  And goldfish.
  30. My fave movie of all time is “Cinema Paradiso.”  If you haven’t seen it, you must.
  31. I absolutely love to travel and always step on the plane with my right foot, touch the outside of the plane with my right hand and then kiss it (my hand, not the plane.  Gross.) I have the wanderlust gene fo’ sho!
  32. It took me a very long time to understand that you are in charge of creating your own happiness – you can’t find it outside of yourself…not with things or people.  If you feed your own soul and give it what it needs, you will find your happy.
  33. My favorite song is “Same Old Lang Syne,” by Dan Fogelberg.  That song brings me to tears. Every. Single. Time.
  34. I do the happy dance in my chair when the server brings my food in a restaurant.  And maybe I clap, too. I LOVE to eat.
  35. My favorite book of all time is, “You Are A Badass,” by Jen Sincero.  It was a total life-changer for me!

So, there you have it folks – 35 random things about me.  Maybe it feels like we just speed dated for a bit, but I hope I at least made you crack a smile with my list.  I would love to hear something random about YOU. I think it’s a fair trade – my 35 to your ONE?? C’mon, spill it!



P.S. Just remembered one more! I interned at Jerry Springer one summer… was hilarious!

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