MEH. Who else can relate?

Here I am sitting at my desk, snuggled up next to a hot cup of coffee in my fave Rae Dunn mug that says it all: “Hot Mess.” Ha! If only Rae really knew how spot-on she actually was. I have been battling a head cold for over a week – which came on the
heels of the flu that literally kicked my ass for 10 days.

Mercury is in retrograde and I am feeling totally off. I am not talking about the standard
minute-and-and-and-I-feel-so-much-stress kind of “off.” I am afraid it’s worse. It’s the
completely uninspired kind.


As a brand-new small business owner (like I’m talkin’ teeny-tiny-small aka one woman
band, here) I came out swinging at the first of the new year. I had plans. Oh em gee –
so many plans! So many plans that once, when I tried to go for a massage, I had to ask
the masseuse for my phone so I could take notes to remember all of the plans swirling
around my head…. I should start a walking club. And a book club. And a stress
workshop….and and and!!!

But recently, I have been slowing down. Way down. First my social media stories
started dwindling. Then, my beloved daily posts were next. How can I post about
anything when I don’t feel like doing anything? Lately, I just feel like I have been staring
back at a blank screen. The Instagram cursor is blinking and I am drawing a blank.

And now? Nada. Totally and completely nada.

There’s literally nothing in there! Where did all of my incessant creative juices run off
to? It’s just like that scene in The Titanic, after the ship goes down and Jack and Rose
are struggling to stay afloat on a piece of wood, or a stateroom door or something… and
then Jack starts to drift away and Rose starts screaming, “Jack! Jack! Come
baaaaack, Jaaaaack!” That’s how I feel about my inspo right about now.

Come baaaaack!

Does this ever happen to you? It’s like writer’s block, but bigger. Like I don’t feel much
like cooking. Or making travel plans (which I was chomping at the bit to make.) Or
networking. Or writing. Or posting. Or working on a new program idea I had. Or
picking up the books I was obsessing over just last week. Or…gasp….even playing
Words With Friends.

So, what gives? What brings this MEH feeling on? What moves it outta here and brings
back the “OMG! I just thought of the best idea??” Can anyone relate? When you feel
like you lost your fire, what do you do to reignite it? I am ALL ears! How I would love to
send these blahs packing and bring my mojo back.

So, I “searched it up on the internet,” as my nine-year old likes to say. From the
research that I have done, all advice points to these helpful tips.
1) Give yourself permission to feel uninspired. Yep… sit in it as long as you need
to. Leave judgment and guilt by the wayside because all they will do is make
your first feeling (uninspired) feel doubly worse.

2) Next, check in with yourself and ask yourself what you are truly feeling. Are you
feeling too serious lately? Constrained? Unchallenged? Anxious? Depressed? Or
just plain ol’ tired and tapped out. Once you know the root cause of your
feelings, it’s easier to know what you need to give yourself to dig yourself out of
your rut.

3) Allow yourself to feel nurtured and nourished. Enter ALL things self-care. What
activities bring you back to life? It may be a candlelit bath with calming music. It
may be a hot yoga class. Maybe it’s a dance party in your bedroom. A walk
outside, in nature. A coffee date with a bestie. A night out with your love.
Maybe you just need a good old-fashioned vent and cry session with a therapist.
Don’t be afraid to ask loved ones for help and support. Think about what – and
who – give you peace and feed your soul.

4) Don’t stop there. Make sure you pepper each and every day with a little
somethin’-somethin’ just for you. Be it a guided meditation, a home-cooked
meal, a massage, a night in pjs with Netflix… Literally schedule these things into
your planner. They are non-negotiable little dates with yourself. It’s the
consistent love and care that you give yourself that will help keep you feeling
sane and happier.

5) Most of all, give yourself the gift of time…this too shall pass and our flow will
come back. It always does.