Food, oh glorious food. We need it to survive and we need it to thrive, no doubt. And it’s at our fingertips – literally. We can Uber Eats, DoorDash or
Postmates a whole smorgasbord with just a few clicks, all from the comfort of our pjs and couch. So it’s not that food isn’t convenient or hard to find. It is literally
EVERYWHERE. Our appetites should be satiated but we never seem to be satisfied. Why is that? The problem is, what we crave isn’t actually food. It’s
nowhere on the menu at our fave restaurant. It’s not on the specials list, the drive-thru or the vending machines either. It’s entirely somewhere else.

It’s in the words of appreciation from your partner expressing how grateful they are for all you have been doing.

It’s in being asked on a date from the guy or gal you’ve been pining after for a while.

It’s in finally feeling accepted by your Mom or Dad and having them tell you they are so proud of you.

It’s in feeling a sense of purpose and finding that job that brings you fulfillment – and a nice paycheck.

It’s in not feeling judged by anyone for living your life aligned in your truth.

Yet, we go to food. Every. Single. Time. They call them “comfort foods” for a reason…. They comfort us in our darkest hours, in our gloomiest moods and in
our complete and utter boredom. They are there for us when we are disappointed, unappreciated and unloved. They never let us down…until they

We eat when we aren’t hungry. We eat past the point of comfort. We binge like we will never eat again.

What if, instead, we took control of our health and fed our SOULS instead of our stomachs? What if we grabbed a workout or a walk outside instead of a bag of
chips? What if we Face-timed a friend when we felt lonely? What if we took an online class that sparked a light within us, instead of taking ice cream outta the
freezer? And, when we are actually hungry, what if we only ate until our hunger cues let us know that we were comfortably full?

What we really need is to feel heard, seen, understood and most of all, loved by our OWN selves. To understand that we deserve more. We need to learn to
speak up. To ask for what we want. To ask for what we need. To give ourselves whatever tools possible to teach us how to do those things. Therapy, coaching,
healing, and any other mode of self-love that speaks to us. Self-love is not selfish, it’s crucial.

When we feel hunger, food IS the solution. When we feel sad, mad, bored, frustrated…ANY other emotion, food is NOT the answer.

The next time you head to the kitchen, check in with yourself. What are you really hungry for? Chances are it’s most likely NOT food that you are craving.

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