What is a Corporate Wellness Program?

Corporate wellness programs help employers to create a healthy workplace that boosts motivation, morale and productivity by incorporating several behavior-change based habits into the daily schedule of their employees.

A corporate wellness program offers a plan that spreads awareness about the importance of health. The benefits of a corporate wellness program are numerous. It helps employees resolve several workplace health risks that usually arise from the lack of physical activity, consumption of unhealthy food and drinks, workplace stress, prolonged hours and more.

Hiring a health coach to create a wellness program for your company can also become one of the causes of employee acquisition and retention. A survey of the American Psychological Association shows that 89% of the employees in companies that encourage their well-being are likely to be considered the best place to work.


3 Reasons to Use Corporate Wellness Programs

1.     Boosts Productivity and Engagement

Stress can be both physically and mentally exhausting which can ultimately affect productivity.  Corporate health programs can support employees with not only the necessary tools to combat stress, but also the guidance they need to avoid burnout and prevent further illness.  When leadership focuses on the well-being of their staff, employees feel more encouraged to reach their potential and will be ready to use their optimal strength for personal and professional success.


2.     Reduces Company’s Healthcare Expenses

Corporate wellness programs can keep workforces healthy – mentally, physically and financially.  Between excessive employee sick days, prolonged leaves and less than optimal efficiency, companies can feel the impact on their bottom line.


3.     Lowers Health Risks

From my experience in corporate wellness, clients oftentimes suffer from high cholesterol, higher blood glucose and higher blood pressure, as well as burnout, overwhelming stress and lack of “me” time.  Since employees are typically at their workplace for more hours in the week than their own homes, instilling healthy habits at work is crucial to the health, wellness and productivity of themselves and their company.

When I am hired to create a corporate wellness program, my primary goal is to focus on how to best support employees to adopt and practice healthier habits.  Behavior change is at the crux of every program.  A healthy and happy individual will be a heathy and happy employee.


How Does a Coach Design Corporate Wellness Programs?

While designing the corporate wellness program, a wellness coach also takes into account employees’ needs and wants.

Here are some factors that health coaches consider while creating the best plan for your company.


· Size of the Business

After the company decides to offer different wellness and health incentives to employees, the coach scales them while considering the size of your company. They help you to identify options that are more cost-effective for the corporation, while beneficial for workers.

For instance, a coach may recommend you to invest in an on-site personal trainer to lead group exercise classes for your employees.  Not only does this make it more convenient, but it also ensures consistency, and can be much more cost effective than paying for separate gym membership fees.

· Employees’ Needs

Wellness coaches must understand the needs and preferences of employees. Coaches are the liaison between you and your employees to help you understand what kind of benefits will be most beneficial to them and cost effective to the corporation.

For this purpose, a health coach may send a survey to every employee in order to gain clarity on the benefits that are important to them. This way, they can design a corporate program that employees will easily and opportunely enjoy.

· Easy and Simple Usage

The best coach will help you create a wellness program that is easy for workers to utilize. The more flexible and simple your program will be, the more encouraged and motivated your employees will be to use it.

Bottom Line

A corporate wellness program is the best way to ensure the health and wellness of your team. This is a win/win – not only is a wellness program beneficial for them, but it also has several advantages for companies. A healthy and active employee who feels appreciated will be more productive and contribute to the overall wellness of the company.