Who is Nikki Wellness?

With six years of experience, Nikki has developed the unique ability to blend professionalism and friendship, thereby creating an atmosphere of understanding that helps her clients achieve maximum results.

Having been through her fair share of testing times in her life, Nikki’s resilience is infectious: she knows life isn’t perfect and that taking care of ourselves with true care and purpose is not selfish; it’s crucial.

The cornerstones of Nikki Wellness are empathy, enthusiasm and education, as Nikki connects with her clients on an authentically deep and individual level, while also adhering to the tenets of being a certified health coach, personal trainer and mother of three. 

As each of her clients will attest, Nikki finds that special way to “break through” and instill trust in everyone that works with her.  She understands the mind-body connection deeply and challenges your perception of yourself beyond what’s hiding in your junk food drawer. 

With her nonjudgmental, empowering and compassionate approach to kicking self-sabotage to the curb, Nikki intuitively knows what each client needs to overcome their wellness challenges and sets them up with the accountability, flexible routines, and encouragement to move forward with confidence.

Nikki’s ability to communicate effectively with her clients began some years ago at Tulane University when she graduated with (wait for it) a communications degree. What most don’t understand, but what Nikki knows, is that true communication has nothing to do with talking, and more to do with listening, and this may actually be Nikki’s strongest asset. Nikki has perfected the lost art of lending an ear, truly hearing what someone else has to say, waiting, and then providing guidance based on the information received.



She has presented to American Express, Arie Crown Hebrew Day School, Cycle Bar, Dufry, Farmer’s Table, Florida Atlantic University, Havas Health, Orange Theory Fitness, Ultimate Software and has been seen numerous times on SFLTV.


You’re finally in the right place.

I will teach you tips and techniques on shifting your mindset away from

“the diet mentality,”

so you can live your most balanced life and establish a healthy relationship with food. You will find yourself again, even if you don’t see that what’s missing from your life is YOU. I will guide you every step of the way in achieving the results you want.