What Clients Are Saying About Nikki

Sweetest Nikki, where do I begin?? Thank you so much for your wisdom, support, love and compassion. Your ability to impact someone’s life in such a short period of time is truly magical. From the moment I met you, I was so inspired to make these lifestyle changes and I already feel so much better. It’s been so fun interacting with you the coaching app and I’m excited to continue this when I go back to school in the fall. I know it’s going to be challenging,but I’m glad I have you cheering me on! Thank you for being you!

– Emily F.

I am so glad that I joined this program when I did! It has honestly been life changing. I gained a lot of weight during my first pregnancy and reached out to Nikki Levine to ensure that I was healthier during my second pregnancy. It is wonderful to have Nikki help you be accountable and make better choices. She does so much more than just help with nutrition. We have worked together to make improvements with meal prep, food shopping choices, exercise, meditation, sleep and relaxation. I’m so happy with the positive changes I’ve made in just three months and I would honestly recommend this program to anyone.

– Heather C.

My dearest Nikki – where do I ever start? I feel truly healthy both inside and out for the first time in my adult life. I wake up every day ready to embrace the beauty of eating and feeling clean – full of energy and good will. You have taught me that to “eat to live and not live to eat”is achieved by recognizing whole food as the answer to my body’s need for nourishment. No pills and not starving myself, I am down 21 pounds total with 20 pounds of body fat loss! You are not just my coach, but my inspiration on so many different levels.

– Teri D.

I started seeing Nikki after I had my second baby. Nikki put me on a sound nutritional path that maximized my wellness and helped me lose over 50 pounds that I had gained during my pregnancy. I continue seeing Nikki to help me achieve my new health goals. She always has a smile and amazing advice!! Hands down the best decision I ever made was becoming a client of Nikki’s. I simply adore her!!

– Pam F.

I always knew I had to eat better, pay more attention to fitness, and concentrate on my overall wellness, however, Nikki was the one person that actually made all of those goals happen.Thanks to her amazing support, I was able to lose over 30 pounds! Nikki has made me feel like I am her only client by making me feel better overall, feel more confident in myself, getting me to stop hiding behind big shirts and sweaters, and getting my butt back in the gym!

– Douglas G.

From the very first session I had with Nikki, up until now, I have noticed an incredible change in my outlook on life and my health. I started out with very low self-confidence due to my weight,and I had little to no knowledge about what it meant to live a healthy lifestyle. I was barely getting in any fitness, not eating healthy, not drinking as much water as I should, etc. Through my work with Nikki, I have set up personal goals and workout plans that have helped keep me on track with my busy schedule. Now, I hold myself accountable and have access to a multitude of helpful tools, whether it be reminders about water intake, workout plans, new recipes to try, etc. With her support, I have become a better version of myself by living a much healthier lifestyle than I was before. I am still working towards my goals, but I have definitely noticed progress along the way, and I’m so excited to continue working with Nikki learning new things every day!

– L.S.

Going in, I did not know what to expect. Nikki has by far exceeded my expectations and has been there for me every step of the way! Whether it be for lifestyle tips and tricks or for nutritional guidance, Nikki was always one message away! Thanks to her help, I am now living a balanced, healthy life and am feeling amazing!

– Anna C.

Nikki is a champion of health and wellness. She is nurturing and supportive in helping others achieve their goals. She emphasizes the need to make necessary lifestyle changes to live more balanced lives.

– Anonymous

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